Swinger Clubs re-opening

With the recent announcement  that the UK lockdown maybe ending on the 21st June there is a good chance that Swinger Clubs, Swinger Hotels , and other Adult venues such as Adult Cinemas may be able to re-open too.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic the Adult industry struggled more than most. Wile pubs and restaurant's were allowed to open, just like night clubs adult venues had to remain closed throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. When adult venues open again it's important that we support them if we want them to stay open.

When will Clubs re-open?

Nothing is clear at the moment but with the current plans to end the lockdown on the 21st Jun, 2021 it is hoped that swingers clubs and other adult venues will be able to open too. This date is just a target date though and may change in future

Will it be safe to attend?

Yes. it is expected that everybody, including staff, will need to show that they are virus fee before gaining entry though. This could be by a number of ways including 

   1. Presenting proof of a negative test within the previous 72hrs

   2. Showing proof that you have been vaccinated. That could be either a NHS vaccine certificate or the Vaccine Passport that is currently being considered by the government.

   3. Having a Lateral Flow Test on arrival at the club.

What does this all mean?

Well for a start there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. After a long drawn out Pandemic where we haven't been able to attend our favourite adult venues its now looking likely that we will be back soon.

Having said that, it is going to take a lot of work from clubs just to get you through the door, proving that you're clean it is going to take time and effort on their part especially if there will be testing on entry. So the best way to help the venues will be for you to provide proof through a recent test, or vaccine certificate.

At the end of the day, safe sex is always the best policy, but these days thats not just using a condom.

See you in a swingers club soon, I hope xx

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